About Us

Who We Are

Marathon Flint Oil is a small company in a big way. As we continue to see tremendous growth, we remain focused on our heritage and on our commitment to partnering with our customers for optimal service and profitability.

We have been a family business from the beginning. Founded in 1949 by Walter Roeser, Marathon Flint is now run by the second and third generation of the Roeser family. As a company and individually, we enjoy the longtime relationships we’ve had with the customers we supply, and with other industry associates. We’ve worked hard to build a solid reputation for professionalism, innovation and growth. Our team continues to be proactive as we improve our operation; implementing electronic innovations, staying in front of the latest elements for branding, environment and technology – and also staying ahead of the most current green initiatives. 

What We Do

Home Heating Oil & Commercial Fueling Company

To many Michigan homeowners, Marathon Flint Oil is a heating oil company. We are also a gas station supplier to over 76 Michigan gas stations, and a fast-response commercial fueling partner for many businesses and municipalities throughout southern regions of Michigan. We distribute heating oil, kerosene, bio-diesel fuel, gasoline, petroleum, ethanol, racing gas and diesel exhaust fluid to our growing list of customers. We also deliver motor oil, grease and lubricants.

At Marathon Flint Oil, we deliver small business advantages in a big way! What does this mean? It means that we are small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve – whether you have a small home or a large company. We always answer our own phones, and if you have an after hours emergency, we can quickly be reached.

We partner with our customers every day, and work hand in hand with them on many decisions. As a heating oil company, we help our residential customers stay warm and dry during the cold Michigan winters, and work with them towards a customized and reachable payment plan. For our commercial fueling customers, it’s important to them that we have a delivery fleet that allows us to respond quickly to market changes, and optimal delivery schedules. Smaller fuel companies simply don’t have the capacity for quick response. If you need us, we are there for you at Marathon Flint Oil.

Contact us for more information on how Marathon Flint Oil can become your home heating oil company of choice or your commercial fueling supplier for your gas station or Michigan business.