Branding with Marathon

Branding for Marathon Gas Stations

Consumers make split second decisions when it comes to fueling their car. When all variables, such as gas prices and location are equal, a driver will naturally choose the gas station that’s the most attractive and well lit - the one most inviting. At Marathon Flint Oil, we partner with gas station Dealers to help improve appearances, and traffic.

Bring the “Wow” to your gas station

We are ready to create new environments and add the “Wow” factor to your customer’s shopping experience at your Michigan Marathon gas station. We can integrate outside music and creative settings both inside and out, with themes such as “sports bar,” complete with sports programming on flat screen monitors, electronic menu boards and more.

Beyond appearances and customer experience upgrades, our gas station branding is also an opportunity to “green up” locations, even way beyond ordinance requirements. – We have the great ways to reduce energy consumption by a significant percentage.

Boost the Brand

Gas station branding is important to customers, as well as to Marathon gas station Dealers in Michigan. Customers trust their gas station brands of choice, especially when it’s a brand that’s highly trusted and respected, as Marathon stations are. Branded gas stations give customers a sense of trust in the location, and in the products and fuel. As a Dealer, you can encourage customers to frequent your gas station by promoting your brand to its fullest. Then your gas station will match the fuel quality image and national recognition that your product deserves. At Marathon Flint, we invest in our partner gas stations that we deliver fuel to.

Far beyond just supplying fuel for Marathon gas stations in Michigan, we help owners boost their image and acceptance level by consumers…and ultimately boost their sales. There are many different levels of improvement, from simple gas station branding enhancements to a full-blown image makeover. We serve a diverse clientele, many who appreciate assets such as LED price signs and electronic message centers. But all share a sense of pride in owning their own Marathon gas station.

Contact us for more information on how you can partner with the team at Marathon Flint Oil to increase your traffic, sales and profitability through branding.