Commercial Fuel Delivery

At Marathon Flint Oil, we deliver fuel along with the fuel management expertise that helps you make the most of your time and budget. We can help design a customized fill plan based on your needs and consumption patterns. Plus, we have the “easy switch” for becoming a customer – without missing a beat.

Allow our team to take the stress and guesswork out of your fuel delivery service.

The Benefits of Marathon Flint Oil Commercial Service:

Double-Walled Tanks
We use only the industry’s most robust aboveground petroleum tank products, manufactured to UL-142 specifications, and fabricated under strict quality control procedures. All tanks are in compliance with all applicable regulatory and safety requirements. We deliver the best tank out there, and we never charge rent or installation fees. We also provide experienced tank placement, in compliance with DEQ standards

Seamless Switchover
We make your gas and diesel delivery switchover painless and seamless. You’ll never experience a hiccup, and there will be zero interruptions to your fuel delivery service. We make it easy to make an upgrade to Marathon Flint Oil.

Flexible, Responsive Delivery
When you’re ready for a more responsive fuel delivery service supplier, then you’re ready for Marathon Flint Oil. Our large customer base can work in your favor, because we will often be making a fuel delivery in your area 2 or 3 times per week. This means our commercial customers will never need to wait long for timely fuel deliveries service. Whether you require gas, kerosene, or diesel deliveries, Marathon Flint Oil is Michigan’s most responsive and attentive fuel delivery provider.

Think other companies can provide faster service? Think again! Other fuel delivery operations have fewer delivery trucks, for less frequent deliveries. At Marathon Flint Oil, we are small enough to bring you the personal service you’ve been wanting, and big enough to follow through with frequent visits to your delivery area.

Pipeline Direct Pricing
Skipping the middle man and giving you more direct pricing is just one step that Marathon Flint Oil takes to help you reduce your fuel costs.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is another way we assist you with fuel – and cost management. Call us to discuss our money-saving EFT plans, and choose the one that best serves your company’s needs.

Diesel Delivery, Gas Delivery Service and Alternative Fuel Delivery

At Marathon Flint Oil, we make monitoring your fuel consumption our business. We guarantee that we will not let you run out of fuel. As we begin to understand your fuel consumption patterns, we will analyze your setup, your industry and your business priorities in order to suggest a customized fill plan. Far beyond delivering fuel, we will become a trusted partner, and your success will be our number one goal.

Our commercial customers vary widely. Here are just a few Michigan industries that we are able to provide fuel delivery to: marinas, trucking companies, open pit mining operations, excavating companies, construction companies, heavy equipment and transportation companies. We provide fuel delivery service to municipalities, schools, police and fire departments, as well as fuel delivery for city maintenance vehicles.

At Marathon Flint, our fuel delivery service can accommodate large fleets of municipal vehicles, just as we have for decades in the city of Flint. We can also provide tanks for our construction customers and mining vehicle operators. We provide diesel delivery services for both on and off-road use equipment such as tractors, as well as most any type of fuel delivery required for your operation.

Customized Fuel Delivery

Marathon Flint Oil customizes fuel delivery service for each customer’s needs. Just give us a call and we will discuss your specific fuel delivery needs. At that time we can schedule an onsite visit to determine specific setup

Contact us for more information on how Marathon Flint Oil can become your fuel supplier of choice for your Michigan business or municipality.