Diesel Exhaust Fluid [DEF]

A Clear Choice for Clean Air

We Love DEF is a diesel exhaust fluid designed to meet the needs of all new 2010 diesel engine powered vehicles using SCR technology. We Love DEF reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 90% and improves fuel efficiency by 5%. It is a simple-to-use, low-cost, clean solution for meeting the new 2010 EPA Clean Air requirements.

Marathon Flint Oil Company, a leading distributor of petroleum and lubrication products, is proud to offer this trusted emission-control solution to its customers.

Heating Containment Units Available!

We understand the difficulty of storing DEF in colder temperatures, which is why we provide our clients with heating containment units so the DEF can be stored outside next to the other pumps.

Delivery Options

We Love DEF is available in a variety of sizes and storage configurations to meet all of your needs for any application. Bulk options are available in fully self-contained, above-ground, and heated mini-bulk stations. If you need help choosing the size that’s right for you, then speak with one of our friendly experts at 800-606-8811.





Prepare to Receive Bulk

DEF consumption can vary so it's important to plan ahead. Contact us today to inquire about our plans and information on our DEF tank installations with heating containment units.