Gas Station Technology & Equipment

Customers of Marathon Flint Oil often benefit from partnering with us as we help them take their store to the next level of customer appeal and user experience. We provide complete image conversions, as well as provide new technology and updated gas station equipment.

Gas station pumps

On-the-go customers expect a well-performing gas station pump. When a gas station pump doesn’t work, customers can have an experience that will keep them from returning. But faulty gas station equipment can be cost-prohibitive for a Dealer to replace or repair. Marathon Flint Oil can help. We assist with gas station pump replacement, registers and card scanners, signage, lighting and other state-of-the-art gas station equipment to help your store run smoothly and look great. We want to help you create a valuable user experience, to build customer loyalty and increase sales. 

Gas station equipment upgrades

Gas Station equipment upgrades include:

  • High speed credit card processing
  • New register systems with scanning & inventory management
  • Customer interactive pin pads with swipe technology
  • New gas station pump technology
  • High efficiency lighting systems for a reduced overall energy cost
  • LED canopy lights
  • LED price sign with electronic message center

We want your store and gas pumps to be inviting, clean, and working perfectly for your customers – we want to help you achieve higher volume traffic to your location.

Contact us for more information on how you can partner with the team at Marathon Flint Oil to improve your technology and gas station equipment.