Gas Stations

Michigan Gas Stations

Marathon Flint Oil: a hands-on investor in your business, and in your success. Of the handful of gas companies in Michigan, only Marathon Flint stands out as the team that’s ready to partner with you on profitability, technology, and ways to cultivate a competitive edge.

Marathon Flint Oil currently supplies a growing number of Michigan gas stations. As gas suppliers go, we are small enough to offer personal attention, and to be flexible; but large enough to respond with a sense of urgency to changing market conditions and to your immediate fuel needs.


How Gas Suppliers Help You Succeed

Success is a Partnership
Our customers regularly refer us to other Michigan gas station owners. This is probably because at Marathon Flint Oil, we have demonstrated our commitment to building a long-term relationship with each customer. It’s our philosophy as gas suppliers that it’s never enough to be profitable as a supplier alone. We work hard towards the profitability of each of our Dealers, too. We do this by responding quickly to market prices, by helping our Dealers brand their Michigan gas stations, and by helping our Dealers keep their technology up to date.

Great Communication
Does your supplier answer the phone, or do you get a recording? At Marathon Flint Oil, we have steady and meaningful communication with our customers. They know that they can reach out to us anytime; and in fact, you’ll always reach a person at Marathon Flint Oil. We answer our phones during business hours, and have an answering service that knows how to reach us any time of the night or day. This is just one reason our partners are happy with our service, and refer us to others.

“Can I get my gas today?”
Does your supplier act and react quickly to market conditions? Our customers are watching the market price every minute, and so are we. When our customers request a same-day delivery, we are ready to react to price changes by acting quickly on behalf of our customers. Marathon Flint Oil has the transports to help Dealers manage their inventory, and stay competitive. We understand that the customers who are fully engaged will have an advantage, and we fully support their efforts, each and every day.