For over 67 years, Marathon Flint Oil has been fueling Michigan.

 We work diligently to keep our residential customers warm during cold winters, with Michigan fuel delivery programs and reachable payment plans. To our gas stations and commercial customers, we are the fast-response Michigan fuel supply partner that delivers many types of fuel. We understand that for these customers to be profitable, they need to rely on us to respond quickly to market changes, and to seize opportunities as they arise.

Contact Marathon Flint Oil when you’re ready for a better Michigan fuel supply experience, and faster, more personal service. You’ll find that we are a small company…in a big way!

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When you’re ready for a more responsive gas Delivery service supplier, then you’re ready for Marathon Flint Oil. We are small enough to bring you the personal service you’ve been wanting, and big enough to follow through with frequent visits to your delivery area in Michigan.

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Gas Stations

We work hard towards the profitability of each of our gas station Dealers. We do this by responding quickly to market prices, by helping our Dealers brand their Michigan gas stations, and by helping our Dealers keep their technology up to date. At Marathon Flint Oil, we know that success is a partnership between the Dealer, and their Michigan fuel supply providers.

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We are more than just heating oil distributors; we take great personal care of our residential customers, many of whom we’ve known for a long time. We have worked hard to design customized fill plans that meet a variety of fuel supply needs – even emergency deliveries. We are always hard at work for you!

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