Serving our customers for over 63 years
 We work diligently to keep our residential customers warm during cold winters, with Michigan fuel delivery programs and reachable payment plans. To our gas stations and commercial customers, we are the fast-response Michigan fuel supply partner that delivers many types of fuel. We understand that for these customers to be profitable, they need to rely on us to respond quickly to market changes, and to seize opportunities as they arise.    
Contact Marathon Flint Oil when you’re ready for a better Michigan fuel supply experience, and faster, more personal service. You’ll find that we are a small company…in a big way!
Customer Spotlight

At Marathon Flint Oil, we think every one of our customers deserves to be in the Spotlight!
That's because we don't just acquire customers, we build relationships. Some of our partnerships go back over 25 years, and even further. In fact, a few of our residential customers remember conducting business with grandfather Walter Roeser, who founded Marathon Flint Oil in 1949.

As a family owned and operated business, our gas station customers relate to us on a deep level because many are running family businesses of their own. They have come to know they can rely on us, and that's why they refer us – over and over – to people they know who have gas stations and commercial fuel needs.

Enjoy our Customer Spotlight, and then give us a call to let us know how we can help you.

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